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July 12, 2014

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Jun Planning Dolls

Attention anyone out there still reading this blog

November 30, 2009

This blog as well as Kleintoys has been fully integrated in with my new blog Hina Ichigo. I will be deleting all content here within the next week or two as everything has already been moved over to the new site.

Accumulated haul ….

May 30, 2009

I have been at Yahoo Japan again accumulating a nice variety of stuff over the past month, finally requesting all of said loot to be shipped to me as I cleared some room for it.
– Beat Blades Haruka- Volks- Narika Figure
– Blythe- Takara- All Gold in One
– Blythe- Takara- Love Mission
– Blythe- Takara- Rosie Red
Wonder Festival
– Fate / Stay Night- Alter- Illya Swimsuit Figure
– Fate / Zero- Saber and Illya Wonderfest Figures
– Final Fantasy VII- Squaresoft- Sephiroth Statue
– Gundam 00- Banpresto- Wang Liu Mei Figure
– Moe-tan- Kotobukiya- Ink Nijihara TV. color version
– Rozen Maiden- Animage- Shinku doll

Commentary- Beat Blades Haruka was purchased because I have a friend who owns it and after seeing it in person I had to have it plus it’s freaking huge compared to the Kotobukiya 1/8th (I imagine it will be huge next to the Alter one too.. once it arrives as I neglected to buy the Koto release ^^;).

All three of the blythes were purchased because I wanted a blythe with black hair, I bought Love Mission first but then a Goldie popped up a fantastic price and then I fell in love with Rosie Red so I bought her too. I might end up selling Love Mission as I feel I kind of settled on her and I only really need two blythes with black hair (well I only really need one but I am not willing to give up Rosie Red or Goldie without a fight).

The Fate / Zero two pack was purchased because I love Illya.. that’s basically the only reason why :P. I also bought the Fate/Stay Night Illya swimsuit figure for this reason. I had previously purchased her along with a few other figures from a shop overseas but the package somehow never arrived ^^; I think the post most of swallowed her whole.

I bought the Sephiroth statue because I am currently playing through Crisis Core and it struck me that I did not have enough figures of him (he being one of the extremely few males I will actually buy multiple figures of).

I bought Wang Liu Mei because I always regretted not preordering her. She is one of my favorite Gundam 00 characters.

I almost have enough Moe-tan figures to fill a small shelf.. almost so I decided to buy this one to kind of justify giving Moe-tan it’s own shelf ^^; plus she was quite cheap despite the fact that she is extremely cute.

I am a huge Rozen Maiden fan, I previously got the Suigintou that matched this Shinku for my birthday. I finally won one at the price I wanted after losing three auctions for her ^^;

I am paying roughly $500 all told for this package which may seem high until you put into context that the All Gold in One blythe has been known to go for over that amount all by herself.


Dolls, dolls and more dolls

May 29, 2009

I am thinking about getting another bjd. After attending the bjd meet I decided that I really wanted another Little Fee as they are a really good size for me. I am torn between Flora or Lishe. I probably won’t order her until the middle of June.
flora lishe

My other puki should be paid off this weekend. I think I will buy one more puki after I buy the little fee.

My Sunshine Holiday arrived today. I decided to name her Summer Breeze. I rather like her and I absolutely love her stock.
summer breeze

I ended up preordering all three of the August dolls. I ended up preordering two of the pullip which I intend on splitting with someone basically because I think the pullip would be the perfect base for a custom pullip Harley Quinn. I did cave and preorder the byul, I am undecided if I will keep the doll itself but if I dislike it in person I will trade it to Requiem for bait and use the wig and stock on a dal instead.
angelic pretty

I plan on having a doll meet with Requiem next week, I am trading her two blythes plus a little cash for two customs. I will be trading my Adorable Aubrey and my Ashletina for Gogo and Nyx.
Gogo is one of Requiem’s personal customs, she is one of my personal favorites was very happy Requiem decided to re-home her. This picture was taken on one of her previous visits.

Pic by Requiem
Nyx was a custom done just for me by Requiem. She is combination of the Jun Planning custom on the front cover of the pullip mook and what Bianca (Noir’s opposite twin) should have been. She has a removable lip piercing on the opposite side of Noir. The lip piercing is a wonderful bit of innovation and engineering by Requiem as she was able to make it in such a way that you can not really see the hole for the piercing in the lip unless you are looking at it at the exact perfect angle. I was very pleased with her. Please note this is not her permanent wig or outfit.
lip piercing

I bought an eighth Papin. She is a rescue job as she was about to be sold as bait due to some very slight damage to her nose.

Kanu and Ryomou in the battle for the bridge

May 28, 2009

epic battle
To be continued…

Anime Boston Haul

May 24, 2009

Normally I buy a lot more but there was not much of a selection this year, plus I own quite a large number already (just surpassed 1,000 on tsuki-board although I have a lot more that I own that I haven’t bothered listing there yet due to sheer amounts of laziness) so finding something I wanted but didn’t have or have preordered or have in the mail was a challenge.

Anime Boston Haul
I think the best find this year was the Sister Princess statue (girl in bikini). I paid $45 original MSRP of 16,000 yen. Most of the other figures were stuff that was my to be eventually be acquired list that I found for cheap and bought with the exception of the Gundam (which reminds me I have a strike rouge I need to finish building ^^;). I honestly did not see a lot of interesting stuff this year.

I did manage to find one item off of my other anime wants list- a He Is My Master towel featuring Anna and Mitsuki.
He is my Master towel

Anime Boston- Dolls

May 24, 2009

You may wonder why dolls are getting their own post but I attended two doll meets at the convention and I carried a doll around for at least part of the day.

BJD meet-
This was my first BJD meet, I had heard about it online but I am not active in the bjd community so it was a bit awkward for me. I was not anticipating such a large meet. Everyone seemed fairly nice, and the dollfie dreams were better received then I thought they would be but I think my Ante, Marie stole the show.
bjdmeetpocket sized
Luckily, my Fairyland Puki Piki arrived on Friday even though she had only been with me a day she came too and I even managed to find clothes small enough for her to cosplay in. Before and after shots 😛
pukipikipuki piki cosplay

Impromptu meet- There was supposed to be a pullip panel which got canceled then there was supposed to be a meet which never really came together so I basically decided I was having a pullip meet come hell or high water so I stopped and talked to everyone carrying a pullip that I seen at the con.
I think we eventually had five or six people then we snatched a nearby person that we spotted walking by with a bjd for even more dolly goodness. I felt very at home as we eventually ended up with four Papins lol. I broke Joyette’s leg during the convention but I have already fixed it.

Other sightings-
I seen lots of people carrying around bjds at the con. Here are some of the ones I seen around..
When I was getting ready to get on the escalator while carrying Ryomou I bumped into a gentlemen with a very lovely volks bjd he had named Charlotte. Of all the bjds I seen at the con she was my very favorite.

Carrying Dolls- After the bjd meet I decided that my partner in crime and I would both be carrying the Dollfie Dreams around. The reactions were mostly positive lots of people seemed very interested in them, I even got an offer from someone wanting to buy Ryomou which I politely turned down (of course). DDs are not that heavy but my wrists were very sorry after carrying Ryomou around for several hours.

We got the most stares when we went to go get lunch in the food court mostly because we had to walk through an actual mall to get there but it was still worth it.
Food court

Anime Boston- Con Coverage

May 24, 2009

So I went to Anime Boston yesterday. This was my fourth Anime Boston (I previously attended 2005. 2007, 2008). I was originally planning on going the entire weekend then different stuff came up so it looked like I wouldn’t be going at all then Thursday it was decided well why not go on Saturday at least?

So how was it?
Dealer’s room- While it covered more space this year it seemed like there was a lot less overall stuff this year. Stores that used to have two booths cut down to one this year and there just seemed to be a lot less figures for sale this year which was disappointing. On the bright side I did actually find a store finding pullips that has a store in the semi-local area for me. I ended up buying a lot less stuff this year then I have at previous years and I even left with money in my pocket which is a definite first.
Dealer's room

Panels- I only went to one industry panel this year, Funimation’s. They talked a long time about the economy and that while they were aware of the recession that they were carefully planning ahead so that it would not effect them as strongly as it has many of their competitors. There was a lot of focus on Evangelion 1.0 but there was not really a lot of details about it yet but frankly the movie came out almost two years ago in Japan I have already watched it numerous times so it is kind of old hat for me. I was very excited about them finally releasing the Vandread OVAs and I have become interested in the anime Murder Princess because of it’s trailers unfortunately they were sold out of the dvd in the dealer’s room T_T. No freebies at the panel this year normally there are t-shirts or dvds or at least something cool.

Cosplay- There were a lot of cosplayers, some good, some not so good and some very bad. I tend to be kind of picky about cosplays though. Surprising amount of non-anime cosplay at the convention including quite a few Jokers and a Batman that literally made me jump as he was hiding in an alcove and completely caught me off-guard I thought he was a statue at first ^^;

Overall I am glad I went but also happy that I only went the one day as there was not a whole lot going on to keep me entertained.

More photos on Flickr

Anime Boston

May 22, 2009

So I originally registered for Anime Boston quite a while ago but due to various factors I didn’t think I would be able to go then I get the call last night that basically meant that I would be going to Anime Boston.

I had kind of resigned myself to not go so I am not prepared for this at all. I am super busy trying to get everything ready in time for Anime Boston. Oddly it is not physically packing for Anime Boston it is updating my inventory lists so I know exactly what I am looking for in the dealer’s room. If I don’t write everything down I lose track and have a hard time remembering what I have, what is preordered and what it is I really want.

There is supposed to be a bjd/doll meet on Saturday so I am bringing both Dollfie Dreams, my little fee, and a handful of pullips.

There are no interesting guests this year >_<

More doll rambling

May 22, 2009

Clarity and Lizbel arrived today from VOTD Scot was an absolute peach and gave me free doll carnival t-shirts must remember to email him later and thank him.
Clarity who I named Marnie.. you can learn a bit more about her here

and Lizbel that I named Freebird, you can learn a bit more about her here.

I took the rest of my dolls off the market although I am trading two blythes with Requiem for her custom Go-go as well as some custom work on another doll.